Sauna Repair

The three most popular repair issues with saunas or spas for the home are:

Sauna heater not working

If your sauna's heater is not working, what should you do? Is this something you are able to fix yourself? Well - it's hard to say. First of all, you should have some wiring knowledge. You should have some electrical knowledge. If you don't feel confident on working in a live wire environment, it might be a good idea to leave it to the professional.

On your sauna there will be a number of heating elements. This is for an infrared sauna. The elements are what produces heat from the sauna. If there is a problem with heat distribution, or not enough heat, then it will be with the heating elements. The heating elements require electricity to run properly. There will be relays to each element (wiring relays), also there would be fuses in the circuit. And there would be a fusebox.

Most handymen or those who have had experience with wiring can use a multimeter, or process of elimination to determine where the problem is happening in the circuit. Blown fuses, bad relays or issues within the switchbox are more then likely the culprit.

Faulty thermostat

Faulty thermostat again comes back to wiring problems. Also - it may be cheaper to replace the thermostat, if the part is readily available. All depends on how recently you purchased your sauna. This is where purchasing with a warranty really is important (of course). Hate to drill that home but it's always something to consider as replacement thermostats are generally covered under warranty. In any case, thermostat issues are generally wiring. IF you must take it upon yourself to "do it yourself," then we hope you know what you're doing. You can use a multimeter to examine the circuit and see where the problem lies. It could be a loose connection.

Wood paneling in need of repair

Wood paneling should be replaced by a professional. Please browse over to our directory of local sauna repair technicians and contractorswho are capable of repairing the wood paneling on your sauna. When they are done the sauna will look good as new. If you choose to do this yourself, you must find the same wood paneling that is currently on your sauna. If you cannot, then contact a sauna repair company in order to find the parts you need.

If wood paneling is not done correctly, your sauna may not function properly or become a fire hazard.

Sauna repair request form

If you need to get your sauna repaired, then you will need to find a local contractor who can repair your sauna. We can help connect you to a local sauna service/repair company who can help to resolve your sauna issues. Please browse to the form and let us know what is wrong with the sauna. Is it not powering on? Is there a heater that is not working properly? We have fields for many of the common problems, or you can select "other sauna problem," and enter a description of the problem you are having. We will start calling local sauna repair and service agents on your behalf.

In-house sauna repair

In terms of having your sauna repaired, it is always a lovely thing to have it repaired in the home, if at all possible. If you cannot have the sauna repaired as is in the home, then you have to take it completely apart in some cases and move it to a shop location or other. This is a hassle and for many people it is either impossible or very difficult.

As such, if you can have the sauna repaired

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