How can I find the make and model of my sauna?

If you need to repair your sauna, then you will need to determine the make and model of your sauna. How do you do this? And why is this required? Sometimes, sauna owners tend to ask these questions. It's understandable. To answer your questions, first we will analyze how a sauna gets manufactured and cataloged with the manufacturer.

How a sauna gets manufactured with a model number

When a sauna is being produced in a factory, the sauna manufacturer will need a way to catalog the sauna designs that they build. The reason for this is, without some kind of numbering system or way to track what is being produced, it would be very difficult to do business. The sauna manufacturer needs to track how many of each part was required, what the cost was, how many saunas were constructed of a particular model, and how many were sold. Furthermore, especially for consumers, everything made today has some kind of part number. This makes it easier to find the parts you need later for your particular unit.


How to find your sauna part number, model number

To find the make and model of your sauna, first determine the manufacturer. Do you remember who made the sauna that you have purchased? Do you have the instruction manual that came with the sauna? If so, check the original manual. It will list the make and model of the sauna. The manual may even include replacement part numbers if you need to purchase parts in future, and a phone number to do so.

Another thing you can do is look for similar pictures of your sauna online. Try browsing Google image search to find a sauna that looks similar to yours. Note down the manufacturer. Then try giving them a phone call, e-mail or etc. Once you have the manufacturer of your sauna nailed down, getting support after that is usually easier. Sometimes different models from the same manufacturer will have universal parts which work across multiple sauna models from the same manufacturer.

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